About KG Bearing Pvt. Ltd.

KZ Bearing

KZ / ZVWZ / KZ+ Bearings are designed as per BS/ISO/DIN Standards to perform well in a varied cost saving application like construction, mining, material handling equipment, farm machinery, reduction gear boxes, mechanical power transmission equipment and a wide range of other industrial machinery.


Our KZ+ Bearings are marketed throughout whole Europe, U. S. A., Africa and most of the Asian countries. The quality of bearings is approved by everyone.

Cost Solutions

Although you will receive premium performance from KZ / ZVWZ / KZ+ Bearings you will not need to pay a premium price.

Our highly engineered bearings, combined with state-of-art manufacturing technologies, offers the quality and performance you expect at a price you can afford.

KZ Bearing

Customer Services

Our main target is customer service. We believe that it makes difference in this competitive age of business. KG Bearing (P) Ltd. gives every customer fast and dependable response from experienced expert personnel. We start taking care as our customer makes an inquiry. We always try to understand first our customer’s needs and their Problems. We try to provide them the best suitable products at very competitive price.

For our customers requirement, we responses their call immediately, we always try to meet them on their place to understand their needs and meet their needs which is the core of the relationship between our customer and KG Bearing Pvt. Ltd.